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travel stuff

satellite now this is a cool site!! my mom forgot how she first found it, but jeepers!! it sure is handy! "Flight Tracker site 1" keeps track of all major airline flights and lets you know about the arrival time, departure time, current position, and other important facts about any airline flight. [[ well... ok... if the flight arrives or departs in the USA or Canada ]]
satellite http://www.flytecomm.com/cgi-bin/trackflight.
satellite all you need is the name of the airline and the flight number, and a wealth of information is at your finger tips. or should i say, available to you at the click of a mouse. no cheese needed!
satellite and here is a 2nd site that provides the same information!!! "Flight Tracker at site 2" this one actually has a larger listing of airlines to choose from. so you should be able to get the information you need from one or the other site.
satellite http://www.flightview.com/TravelTools/default.asp.
satellite happy travelling!!!
umbrella the weather... it's a must know for any traveller. my dad uses this site all the time.
at  http://www.weather.com/  you can get the weather, 7 day forecasts, and just about anything else weather related that you might need to know.
umbrella and, i must add, this site covers the whole world. there's alot going on at   http://www.weather.com/  , but it is easy enough to get around on, you'll just have to see for yourself.
airman Rick Steves, Europe Through the Back Door.   http://www.ricksteves.com/ 
mr steves only covers europe, but he does it better than anybody else. lots of information, travel tips, and specials.
airman if you're going anywhere in europe, check out his website! you'll be glad you did! the information is always practical, never fanciful.
trip advisorok, we have europe covered, but what about the rest of the world?!?!? well, go visit trip advisor, and get informed! information is good, especially when travelling. not that i ever get to travel and go places... but if i did, i would actually go to trip advisor and read and read. tons of links, tons of information, tons of other travel related resources, and it all looked pretty good to me; and i found site navagation easy enough to do, which is important.
trip advisor so go visit trip advisor, and get informed! ok... what are you waiting for... i'm just going to keep repeating myself... then i'll just start staring off into space, mumbling incoherently... and that's never a pretty sight to behold. when you travel, information about the places you will visit is invaluable. go educate yourself and have some fun.
melody my mom's maiden name is Pavlovich, and a few years back, there was a big Pavlovich reunion {{okok, march 1st, 1997}}. for this, my mom collected stories and rememberances from all of her brothers and sisters, and put it all in a book for the reunion.
melody this is the web version of the pavlovich reunion book!   so be prepared for some reading (don't worry though, i used a large size font). hmmmm... web version.... i left out the pictures and the family tree, but the stories and the history are here.
melody well, the next year, july 26th, 1998, my dad's family had their own reunion for the Hallsted's. every one liked the book that my mom did for her family, so she was pressed (willingly) into doing a similar book for the hallsted's. (things one does for family).
melody this is the web version of the hallsted reunion book.   once again... lots of reading.... large type... no picutres... and no family tree. but the stories and the history are here.
melody a cousin table... you have to figure this one out for yourself!!
melody and i'll try to get some pictures for both the pavlovich's and the hallsted's soon. today is thursday, january 03, 2002, so please remind me about this if time slips by and i forget. thanks, email : michael hallsted
melody okokok... so it's Monday, August 25, 2003, and there ain't no pictures. but i did add a family history tree... hmmmm, that sounds redundant.
melody one view of the hallsted family tree!!! i know you are excited!! it's probably hard to control you're excitement and click the link with your mouse. concentrate!! steady that hand!!! and be prepared for a lot of reading with no pictures, yet again!!! and yes, i do that on purpose!!  
catcus as you can guess, my dad's last name is hallsted, but what you probably did not know.... is that both my mom and my dad are from the same small town, bisbee, in arizona.
catcus so, to please my parents, and because bisbee is a hip, internet aware town, here are some links to the glorious city of bisbee, arizona.
catcus the official bisbee web site
catcus the bisbee magazine website
catcus off the wall in bisbee arizona....
catcus a slice of bisbee arizona by nancy weaver
catcus saint patrick's catholic church in bisbee, arizona
catcus the web site for the bisbee newpaper, the bisbee observer
[[[i feel better, i mentioned the words bisbee and arizona a bunch of times, i will sleep well tonight]]]
heather a friend of the family took a trip to japan, and while she was there, she took some pictures!!!
jumping GEE-hosaphats!! pictures to amaze and befuddle!!
heather ok, so it's actually an index to the pictures. but captions are provided for each of the pictures; that way, you will know just what the heck you are looking at!!
the family friend!!   email: Heather Zaniewski
michael london, england and the beatiful uk! yup! i was there (michael that is) in the fall of 1998. my sister, dawna, lived there for 2 years, so i went and visited her for 1 week. this is a "summary" diary, that my sister thoughtfully kept for me, of my stay and the things i saw.
michael click thy mouse button here for you will not be disappointed!
michael and i've started a blog here: my life's story, an auto biography

british columbia
flags of the world!!
new foundland
hosted by ITA,
Information Technology
this is just a neat site!!
during the last olympics,
i did not recognize a flag.
prince edward island
so i went to this site
and found it in no time.
countries of the
world fact book
united kingdom
abc world fact book
united nations
listing of all countries
with links to their flags
united states
links to flags [no pictures]
all flags of all countries
on one page
all flags on one page.
it's just a nice place
with lots of info.

the world fact book now before you get all bent out of shape, this particular part of the CIA website   [  The World Factbook ]   is an amazing collection of facts about all of the different countries in the world. it is well worth a look, and it is easy to navigate around in it.
fact book by the cia   [  The World Factbook ]   if you're travelling to any country in the world, or if you have a school report that needs information specific to a country, you'll find it here. there is also a map of the country and a picture of their flag. nothing fancy, just lots of facts.
cia banner i realize that some people might not feel comfortable going to the CIA website, so this is why i am being as upfront as possible about this. considering the volume of hits they probably receive everyday, i would hazard a guess that they are not really tracking any information from the casual visitor. there is just too much volume and the resources for collecting and analyzing the information is just not there yet. data storage and data mining costs a lot of money. personally, i would be more afraid of sites like amazon, yahoo, msn, banner ads, and other internet portal sites that actively track everywhere you go and monitor your "link clicks". they have the motivation and the money to monitor your internet usage, all in the name of enhancing your internet experience. the banner ad and pop-up ad companies, as well as portal sites, like msn and aol, are all "for profit" companies and are motivated by greed and they are all trying to figure out how to sell you something. by monitoring where you go and your "click throughs", they actively try to figure out what you want and how to sell it to you. i am tired of having my internet expierence enhanced for me and i am tired of the spam that is generated by this monitoring activity. and as far as privacy invasion goes, i would fear the portal sites and any banner ads that you click on. i am not worried about visiting the CIA website. this, of course is my personal opinion, thanks,  michael hallsted  
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