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where you can then choose which fractal you would like to look at.

normal disclaimer here... i did not create any of the fractals. i just enjoy them, and my hope is that you will enjoy them too. so where the heck did i get all of these pictures from? i actually have hundreds more, this is just a sampling of what i have. i got all of these fractal images off the usenet newsgroups. i have a binary newsgroup reader, which combs the newsgroups of your choice and downloads any binary attachments that it finds. i have it setup to look through the fractal newsgroups and get any attachment that is posted. and that is how i have these images.
now for anyone not familar with the usenet newsgroups... they are like the flea market of the internet. if you do venture forth into the newsgroups, please do not blindly trust any binary attachment you get from the newsgroups without first thoroughly checking them for viruses, worms, trojan horses, or any other nasty thing one can find in the wild. the newsgroups are a great resource, but please exercise due diligence. if you practise safe computing habits, then your computer will always be your friend.
anyway, if you are the author of any of the images, please let me know. i want to do right and give credit where credit is due. when i have the time, i'll put more of my collection up here, but until then, enjoy!!

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well, more fractal photo albums... i want to emphasize again, i did not create any of these fractals. somebody else did. judging by the dates of the images, and from my fuzzy memory, these are all from mid 2001 through the first part of 2002. i used tifny during this time (on my windows computer) to browse the fractal usenet newsgroup and pull down any pictures that were there. i just like looking at them. by the time i was done, i had literally hundreds and hundreds of these fractals images that other people did. so... it was like... what do i do with them now... so i went through them all, made some web albums, and that is what you see at the top of this page. i did that in the later part of 2002. today is now february 2006, i'm an apple mac person now, but i still have all of those fractals images. so i combed my hard drives, found them all again, and sorted through all of them. the web albums in this middle section represents all of the fractal images that i got off of the fractal usenet newsgroup during that time, and does include all of the fractals in the first group. so the first group is a small subset of this middle group, so yes, there are repeats, but very nice looking repeats if i must say so myself. hey, it took me long enough just to sort everything, and i really don't have any more time to then figure out which ones i have used already (lol, i'm not that organized). anyway, enjoy!

like i have said before, i did not create any of these fractals, i just like looking at them. dimensions are all height by width, and all fractals pictures are as i found them, meaning that i did not alter any of them... ie: by making them smaller or larger or any other nonsense. no reason to do that really. there were a few that i had to re-save as jpg files, but that's all i ever did, not that you really care about how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop anyway :)

happymac      happymac      happymac      happymac      happymac      happymac      happymac      happymac     

well, i have now switched from windows computers to apple macintosh computers, but i still like fractals. all this means is that i had to find new software to make these photo albums. below, are more fractals, and the programs i used on my apple imac.
the fractals below, all come from a screen saver, called fracture which is an absolute marvelous piece of apple shareware, $10. go there right now, download it, install it, marvel at it, and go pay him ten bucks. it is indeed a very cool screen saver. also, don't worry if you have an older mac... my mac is over 4 years old. it's an imac snow G3 700MHz with 512MB RAM, with a Rage128Pro2 video card with 16MB RAM... and it runs osX (10.4.3) and fracture just fine.
one option with fracture allows you to save every fractal that it creates. i did some testing with it, and i let it run overnight for 2 different nights. it created just under 1GB of fractal pictures. i have a ton of unused web space just begging to be used, so i put it all up. they are not the most exciting pictures, but there are some interesting colors and shapes. hey, at least i'm not posting 14000 pictures of myself on vacation. i don't even like using a camera, so you are safe in that respect. anyway.... enjoy.
as far as web album generation goes, i tried 5 different programs.
webpics is far and away my favorite. $16 shareware, but worth every penny.
simplethumbs, a freeware program simple and nice! would work very well with smaller photos.
photosite timesavior is also pretty decent. freeware.
jalbum, for both mac and pc free, and lots of people seem to like it.
albumshaper looks nice enough, is free, but is odd, or maybe i just did not understand it. it actually looks like one could use it as an iphoto replacement program. anyway, go and try them for yourself, and see which one you like best. examples of all 5 are below.

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