How are you related????
Hopefully this chart will help you figure that out.

- - 1st generation 2nd generation 3rd generation 4th generation 5th generation 6th generation
- The Common Ancestor
4th G-grandchild
1st generation son/daughter
brother/sister nephew/neice grand-nephew/neice G-grand nephew/neice G-G-grand nephew/neice G-G-G-grand nephew/neice
2nd generation grandchild
nephew/neice 1st cousin 1st cousin once removed 1st cousin twice removed 1st cousin 3X removed 1st cousin 4X removed
3rd generation great-grandchild
grand nephew/neice 1st cousin once removed 2nd cousin 2nd cousin once removed 2nd cousin twice removed 2nd cousin 3X removed
4th generation G-G-grandchild
G-grand nephew/neice 1st cousin twice removed 2nd cousin once removed 3rd cousin 3rd cousin once removed 3rd cousin twice removed
5th generation G-G-G-grandchild
G-G-grand nephew/neice 1st cousin 3X removed 2nd cousin twice removed 3rd cousin once removed 4th cousin 4th cousin once removed
6th generation 4G-grandchild
GGG-grand nephew/neice 1st cousin 4X removed 2nd cousin 3X removed 3rd cousin twice removed 4th cousin once removed 5th cousin
so save this page... or print it up... and fill in the blanks for yourself!! i left lots of space under the "common ancestor" [the one person who 2 people have in common] [[colored green]] and the "children designation" ie son/daughter, grandchild, etc [[colored red]] of the one common ancestor.
and so no one gets the wrong idea... this stuff confuses the heck out of me. i found this chart on someone's web site, liked it (since it looked like it made sense), and presented it here on my site. i apologize to the person who created it, since i have long forgotten who made this chart originally. it was a far smarter person than i who figured this out!!
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